The GRMS Global Supplier Screening Program is designed with maximum flexibility to collect and verify any information needed from our client’s supplier base. Information collected can include:

Supplier Data

  • Company Information
  • Financial Information
  • Diversity Status Verification (U.S. Only)

Insurance Certificates

  • Certification of Insurance (COI)
  • Endorsements
  • Insurance Carrier A.M. Best® Rating

Standardized Documents

  • Certifications
  • Supplier Policy & Procedure Acknowledgement
  • Contracts


The GRMS Global Supplier Screening Program is designed to help mitigate supply chain risk for our clients in a number of primary areas including:


  • Screen each supplier against many of the world's watch lists including


  • Collect and analyze important financial data such as create scores, public records and other third-party verified information.


  • Provide verification that each supplier maintains the proper level of insurance coverage and constantly monitor for changes, lapses, cancellations and expirations.


The GRMS Global Supplier Screening Program is designed to assist our clients to manage information about the suppliers in their supply chain including:

On-going Compliance

  • All new suppliers are required to complete the Supplier Screening Program and existing suppliers are required to be re-screened on an
    on-going basis.

Consistent Standard

  • Once implemented, the Supplier Screening Program provides a consistent standard each supplier is held to on a global basis.

Web Based Portal

  • All information is contained in a secure web based portal that can be accessed by all company locations to view supplier information.
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