Safeguard Your Company with Global Risk Management Solutions
Global Risk Management Solutions (GRMS) provides companies and organizations with an innovative, no cost solution for the screening and compliance management of new and existing suppliers, contractors and service providers.

In today’s high risk global business environment and turbulent economy, it is more important than ever for your company to know the background and financial stability of the suppliers with whom you conduct business.

The management of the licensing, credentials and stability of suppliers, as well as staying current with the myriad of ever changing U.S. federal compliance regulations, has become increasingly complex and costly. It is nearly impossible for any company to accurately and efficiently manage these issues internally in a cost effective manner.

GRMS’ Global Supplier Screening Program can provide your company with a comprehensive outsourced supplier screening solution to effectively manage and reduce risk while conducting business with your suppliers in over 120 countries.

Highlights of our Service Include:

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