About GRMS

Global Risk Management Solutions (GRMS) is the recognized leader in providing innovative supplier screening solutions that assist companies to reduce exposure to global business risk and liability. GRMS is the only company that can provide a customizable global supplier screening and management program in over 120 countries.

Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, GRMS serves a global clientele of companies and organizations in many diverse industries ranging from mid-sized businesses to Fortune 50 companies. Our years of demonstrated experience, proprietary programs and global capabilities have provided our clients with risk management solutions for their specific needs and peace of mind knowing that they are protected while conducting business.

GRMS' approach is unique in that our team of experts apply a client-centric approach that delivers optimal risk management solutions. Our clients come to us with their unique risk mitigation concerns and we create customized screening solutions to safeguard their companies when conducting business anywhere in the world.

Core Competency

GRMS is a compliance management service that is powered by technology not a technology company trying to provide compliance services.


Currently more than 80% of companies conduct background checks on their full-time employees, but less than 20% perform any type of due diligence on their suppliers. This gap in due diligence and compliance management is a significant area of risk for organizations that cannot be ignored.

In today’s compliance-driven world mitigating supply chain risk and knowing your suppliers are top corporate objectives. In addition, governments continue to add more compliance requirements such as the USA Patriot Act and the UK Bribery Act.

Highlights of our Service Include:

  • No Cost To Your Company — Your suppliers pay a nominal fee for screening.
  • World Class Customer Support — Multi-lingual options to assist suppliers to become compliant with your requirements.
  • Global Insurance Certificate Management — Continuous certificate of insurance management.
  • Governmental Watch List Screening — Assist with international watch list compliance including the USA Patriot Act (OFAC).
  • Document Management — Any standardized document can be collected and verified.
  • Financial Stability — Provide customizable financial assessments of both public and private companies.
  • Results Graded — Information collected is verified and graded based on your company’s unique screening criteria.