In today’s economy, companies are reducing costs in any expense category possible including reducing insurance coverage amounts. In some cases, financial hardship forces companies to allow lapses in coverage or cancellation of insurance policies. The potential ramifications for organizations can be significant if a supplier or subcontractor does not carry or have adequate insurance. Frequently this problem is only discovered after an incident occurs.

GRMS’ COIShield utilizes proprietary processes to provide an outsourced solution for our clients. Our services relieve companies from the administrative cost and time associated with verifying and the ongoing management of insurance certificates.

Benefits of the COIShield Program:

  • Minimize Uninsured And Underinsured Losses
    GRMS monitors the compliance of insurance certificates to ensure suppliers maintain the required insurance coverages. Insurance certificates are stored electronically in each supplier's profile for online viewing 24/7.
  • Reduce Management Costs
    GRMS' experts collect, store and monitor all certificates using our proprietary systems for an efficient outsourced insurance certificate management solution that results in higher supplier compliance and significant savings to your company.
  • Level Playing Field
    All suppliers are being held to the same standardized insurance requirements.
GRMS has the international knowledge and experience to deliver global insurance certificate tracking solutions at no cost to your company.
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