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The Problem

HSE is a significant component of Supplier Risk but very difficult and expensive to analyze and manage

Most companies are concerned with reducing HSE risk. How your suppliers, contractors and service providers manage the Health, Safety and Environment of their employees and sub-contractors is a significant exposure in terms of your supplier risk assessment process.

To attempt to mitigate this risk, companies either hire safety professionals to review safety manuals and metrics or they outsource to 3rd party providers that specialize in HSE risk management. Some companies develop a hybrid approach.

There are two inherent problems with these approaches. For those performing in-house, collecting and analyzing this information in a consistent, organized and scalable manner is nearly impossible. For those that outsource, the major service providers are extremely expensive to both the supplier and the company, and the process is so cumbersome and time consuming that some suppliers have to hire their own consultant to complete the review.

The Solution

GRMS along with a team of safety professionals, have created a comprehensive HSE program that is significantly less expensive and much easier to complete than the Avetta and ISNetworld programs. This new program enhances our existing enterprise-wide supplier risk assessment programs which include Digital Insurance Verification (DIV) and financial stability assessments.

Program Highlights:

  • Safety Program Desk Review
  • Training Documentation Audits
  • Hazard Identification Survey
  • OSHA 300 Log Collection
  • OSHA Injury and Illness Reporting Metrics
  • EMR Verification

GRMS Program Comparison

Safety Manual Collection and Desk Review Yes Yes Yes
Hazard Identification Survey Customizable Yes Yes
Collection of OSHA 300 and 300A Yes Yes Yes
Search of OSHA & MSHA website - fatalities, accidents, fines, inspections, etc. Yes Yes Yes
Comparison of OSHA metrics for contractors based on NAICS code vs Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) average Yes Yes Yes
EMR Verification Verified Verified Self-Reported
Insurance Verification Digital Insurance Verification (DIV) Self-Reported Self-Reported
Contractor Support Included Extra Fee Extra Fee
Integrated into overall risk assessment report Yes No No
Cost to Client $0 Variable Variable



HSE information is collected and reported in the GRMS Veritas Platform as part of the overall Risk Assessment Report. No need to review multiple platforms.


Process is SIGNIFICANTLY easier than Avetta and ISNetworld. No need to engage consultants to complete review.

Cost Savings

No cost to your company and the fees to suppliers are SUBSTANTIALLY lower than Avetta and ISNetworld.

World Class

Suppliers, contractors, and client users can access the GRMS Support Team for assistance at no additional cost.

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