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The Problem

Supplier risk management is a top corporate objective but identifying and monitoring supplier risk on an enterprise wide basis is a difficult challenge for most companies. Managing suppliers in multiple countries as well as staying knowledgeable about the myriad of ever-changing global watch lists and compliance regulations is nearly impossible. Resources are limited, consistent standards are not applied, and consolidated reporting is difficult at best.

The Solution

GRMS' Risk Assessment Programs are designed to assist companies to identify and reduce risk in their supplier base on an enterprise wide basis. GRMS has specifically designed eight modules to mitigate and continuously monitor risk for U.S. based and internationally located suppliers. Each module provides consistent measurable standards which can be focused on strategic suppliers or can be tailored for a wider group. Each module can be easily implemented and includes robust reporting functionality.

The GRMS Difference:
A service not a data source

GRMS is the recognized leader for providing global enterprise-wide risk assessments of suppliers, contractors and service providers.

The primary difference between GRMS and data only providers like D&B, Thomson Reuters, etc. is that GRMS is not a “data source or searchable database,” but rather a “technology-driven service company.”

Data source companies provide inexpensive raw data that has not been verified, and they do not validate documents. GRMS provides services that include the verification of data, physical review of documents and a support system that assists suppliers to get into compliance with their client’s risk assessment requirements.

GRMS' Risk Modules

GRMS has created eight primary modules that are comprised of a subset of risk components targeting key areas of supplier risk. Each client can select the modules and/or components which best meets their needs based on factors such as geography, risk and spend.

Risk Modules 2022

Digital Insurance Verification

GRMS has built live data integrations between GRMS and the companies providing proof of insurance. Using this technology, GRMS digitally pulls insurance verification data directly from the databases of insurance providers and continuously monitors the data against our client’s requirements essentially eliminating the need to request a Certificate of Insurance (COI).

If the supplier’s insurance provider is a member of our network, our client will have real-time verification of the Supplier's insurance coverage and compliance. The GRMS Veritas platform will immediately alert our clients to any problems, including cancellations, expirations or reductions in coverage.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

The GRMS Supplier Risk Assessment Program can help clients learn more about how their suppliers are addressing the three key pillars of ESG.

In addition, GRMS has partnered with Ecovadis, the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, with a global network of more than 90,000+ rated companies, to incorporate these ratings into the GRMS overall risk assessment.

Health and Safety

GRMS along with a team of safety professionals, have created a comprehensive HSE program that is significantly less expensive and much easier to complete than the Avetta and ISNetworld programs. This new program enhances our existing enterprise-wide supplier risk assessment programs which include Digital Insurance Verification (DIV) and financial stability assessments.

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